About the program

The Safe Return Bracelet

The Safe Return Bracelet is a stainless steel bracelet with a secure safety clasp, designed to be worn at all times by a person at risk of becoming lost. The Safe Return emblem appears on the front; and on the back of each bracelet is a unique ID code, together with the SA Police emergency phone number.

For more details about the Safe Return program, you can download the flyer by clicking HERE

The Safe Return Database

The Safe Return Database is accessible by police 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It contains details on the person with dementia, including recent photographs, a current physical description as used by missing persons units, information on previous places of residence and other locations the person may visit, and contact details of carers for the police to contact when they are found. For your peace of mind, the Safe Return database is confidential and securely protected.

How does it work?

If someone finds a person who is confused and lost, who perhaps cannot recall how to get home, or where home is, they should look for the Safe Return bracelet and ring the police number on the back and quote the Safe Return personalised bracelet ID. Police will respond to the call and arrange for the person at risk to be safely returned to their home.

Carers can also use Safe Return to start a search for a person who is missing. As soon as it is realised that a person is missing, carers can call the SA Police and quote the Safe Return number for that person. Police personnel will give guidance on search ideas near to home, using information from the confidential database.

Safe Return can be used by carers in home situations as well as by health professionals caring for people in aged care facilities. Dementia Australia SA is able provide follow up support, including strategies which may help to prevent future incidents for people specifically with dementia.